Tips for Making Your IWS Work Well

Do not put these items in the sewer: plastics, paint, coffee grounds, egg shells, floss, disposable diapers, condoms, feminine napkins/tampons, cooking oil and grease, acids, gas, motor oil, bleach, and solvents.

* Minimize water use. Most systems fail because there is too much water! Repair leaks immediately. Wait until there is a full load of laundry. Turn off water while shaving and brushing teeth.

* Keep a jar beside the kitchen sink to dispose of cooking oil. Use toilet paper labeled “septic safe”. Washing machine water should be diverted to a banana patch or other plant. Keep “gray” water on your property.

* All sewer systems produce solids which have to be pumped.

* Septic systems should have an annual inspection.

* Cooking oil and grease are one of a sewer systems biggest problems. Please work hard to minimize how much goes into the sewer. Remember, not only will it plug up the sewer, it will plug up your heart too!

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