Introduction of Valley Isle Pumping

Valley Isle Pumping was founded on Maui in 1977, and has built a reputation over the years for high quality service and unmatched reliability. The people who work at VIP take great pride in what they do, and gain satisfaction from being there for the Maui community.
Valley Isle Pumping is the most dedicated and experienced company in septic and cesspool servicing on the island of Maui. We employ high-quality, long term employees who are each experts in what they do.

Pumping, Construction, and Operation and Maintenance of Sewer Systems

Valley Isle Pumping offers a diverse range of services. We pump septic tanks, cesspools, grease traps, lift stations, wastewater treatment plants, and just about everything else imaginable!

In addition to our pumping services, we are licensed ABC General Contractors and specialize in wastewater related construction. VIP also employs licensed wastewater operators, and operates many of the private treatment plants and lift stations on the island of Maui. Valley Isle Pumping supplies and installs a variety of wastewater equipment; including sewer pump stations, wastewater treatment plants, and household aerobic treatment units (ATU).

With our dedicated staff, you can rest assured that we are always available to provide the services you require. Whether you have a septic or cesspool emergency, or simply need to schedule regular maintenance, a real person will answer at Valley Isle Pumping when you call.

A History of Service

Since it began as a one man operation 1977, Valley Isle Pumping has grown and diversified to offer a wide range of wastewater services. However, it still remains a family company with a focus on high quality service and dependability. Valley Isle Pumping’s experience with everything related to wastewater on Maui is unmatched, and we bring that to each and every job we perform- large or small. Over the years, Valley Isle Pumping has removed countless gallons of waste from Maui’s environment, and prevented or cleaned up an untold number of wastewater spills.

Contact Valley Isle Pumping

We are dedicated to servicing our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pump trucks as well as electrical and mechanical technicians are on standby and ready to respond when equipment fails or a backup occurs. Call us at (808) 242-5692 for service anywhere on Maui.