An Aerobic System is an Individual Wastewater System (IWS) that uses Aerobic bacteria to process domestic sewage. Aerobic bacteria live in nature (streams, rivers, lakes etc.) consuming waste from aquatic life, people and other decaying organic matter, keeping the world’s waters clean. A similar process will take place inside your Aerobic System, where these tiny bugs are given the perfect environment to perform at an accelerated rate. The Aerobic System you purchase from VIP is one of the finest designed systems on the market and will last for many years without failure, if serviced regularly by one of our licensed technicians to maintain proper operation and a high degree of treatment to the wastewater. When you buy an Aerobic System from VIP your first two years of maintenance checks are provided free of charge.

Wastewater (influent) enters through a 4″ inlet pipe into the outer aeration chamber and is mixed with air bubbles brought in by the aerator, allowing the sludge to be suspended. This allows microorganisms to remove soluble contaminates from the wastewater utilizing them as a source of energy for growth and production of new microorganisms. The organisms tend to form clumps that physically entrap organic matter. The organic matter is attacked by millions of enzymes that easily dissolve the solids to make the organic matter consumable for millions of aerobic bacteria which ultimately convert the wastewater to a clear, odorless liquid (effluent). This process is repeated each time wastewater enters the plant and the clear water eventually flows into the outlet pipe. Although most of the sludge gets converted, some of it will eventually need to be pumped out, depending on the gallon size of your Aerobic system and how many people are in your home. On average we recommend that you have your Aerobic system pumped as often as a Septic system.

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