For TV line inspection Valley Isle Pumping has a specially equipped 4×4 sprinter van with an onboard camera and equipment which creates digital files of the inspected lines. The results are available instantly for convenient review. Our technician prepares a report on the camera’s findings which is submitted with the digital video copy. Maui County sewer code now requires that all new sewer lines be video inspected before it is accepted by the sewer division. CCTV inspection ensures there are no breaks, defective pipe, or “ponds” in the line, which would cause maintenance problems later.

For other applications – Valley Isle Pumping can attach a small transmitter to the camera that allows us to pinpoint exactly where the camera is from above. This is useful where there is a break in a line that needs to be repaired. Instead of digging blind, the transmitter allows precision excavation exactly where the problem is. This can save a lot of money in a roadway or parking lot where saw cutting and paving is involved.

The CCTV camera also works hand in hand with our Vactor (maybe include link to sewer and drain cleaning page). The camera can enter in one end of the pipe and the jetter in the other in order to target a specific section or issue. Valley Isle Pumping can clean your pipes for regular maintenance or to restore flow, and a digital video record can be provided as documentation.

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Actual Video Capture!