Sewer and Drain Cleaning


Valley Isle Pumping utilizes high pressure water “jet” machines (pictured to the left) to clean and flush pipe lines. A steel nozzle connected to a high pressure hose self propels through sewer lines. The hoses are hydraulically retrieved. In addition, all of our pump trucks are also equipped with a jetter that generates 8 gallons of water per minute at 2,000 pounds per square inch (psi), in case our pumping clients need it. VIP has the largest jetting machine on Maui! (pictured to the left) It is a 2000 model “Vactor”. It generates over 100 gallons per minute at up to 2,500 psi. We have successfully cleaned 24 inch sewer pipes packed with grease, and 36 inch drain lines under highways, filled with mud. The tank has a full opening rear door and dumps for easy disposal. Our customers save money with this truck because it is fast and efficient. For pipes up to 4 inches, we have a 3,000 psi 4 gallon a minute jetter that is hand cart mounted to reach hard to access locations. Don’t forget, the jetters clean not only sewer and drain lines, but also any conduit. We will be happy to send you a video tape showing “before” and “after” pipe line cleaning projects. We will also provide you with client names and references.

VIP will be happy to provide client references!